Hello, my name is Michele Sevacko, Ph.D, (aka "Rev. Chele")


"A New Thought Ministry to Inspire, Empower and Entertain...."

A New Thought, Metaphysical Ministry located in North Carolina, offering Spiritual Support through

Prayer, Pastoral Counseling,  Music and more.

    After spending many years on a quest for a spiritual path that would honor my past, celebrate where I was in my journey and walk with me as I continued in my exploration, I found myself  "at home" in  a New Thought commUnity.  (My husband still tells people how I came home after attending my first metaphysical class and announced 'I've found my people").  For over thirty years,  I have continued to explore Metaphysical paths & philosophies,  facilitated study groups, classes, spiritual support groups and served in many capacities at different churches & centers (as we made several moves during that time).  As well as supporting services musically, I've also created a number of services including World Day of Prayer and World Peace Meditation services and have been in the position of Interim Coordinator, when a congregation was making the shift from one spiritual leader to the next.

 One of my many, varied interests is World Religions, as I look for those things that unify rather than separate us.  My focus is to take Universal Truths (principles) and incorporate them into daily life. For years, I served by being active in our communities with non-profits or at church; and, felt my calling was in the capacity of supporting ministers.  A decade ago, I felt myself being guided to begin exploring a path of ordination for myself, which ultimately led me to become an ordained Metaphysical/New Thought Minister.


My various training has included:

  Being one of 30+ selected for "Train the Trainer"

Small Group Ministry training - at Unity Worldwide Ministries,

(after years of facilitating Spiritual Support Groups, in order to be available to go to churches and train people to do  "Small Group Ministry.") 

Basic Mediation - Conflict Resolution Center - Roanoke, VA

Strategic Plans - Bell Institute for Non-Profits ..

  (adapted into Spiritual Mentoring & "Putting Your Passion into Action" by me.)

 Interfaith - Intercultural Understanding Level I & ll  -

 The Association for Global New Thought & Common Ground

World Religions Through Their Scriptures ( Six Courses of Religious Literacy- Certificate Series)

Harvard Divinity

I am  located in the NC/SC area and available for speaking engagements

Contact me at NCNTM@ AOL.COM

To find out more about me, what I do & how I do it, please visit my "Graduates in Action" page on the University of Metaphysics web site:  University of Metaphysics


 I'm also an active volunteer with Humanity's Team ( ) 


                                   And an active member of the Association For Global New Thought ( ). 


                It is my hope and desire that this will give me the opportunity to be of even more service.