"Michele once again presented an upbeat, inspiring, well-crafted Sermon in Song that was clearly appreciated by all present at this morning's service. As I have told her before, she has mastered this format in a way that creatively invites enthusiastic audience participation in song and even percussion instruments. Her succinct presentation makes very clear her knowledgeable grasp of universal, inclusive Spiritual belief systems interwoven in words and in song. Her flexibility in adapting to different venues, formats, space limitations, and equipment is evidence of her gentle professionalism. Michele emanates joy, humor, and sincerity – we look forward to seeing and hearing much more from her in the near future!"
(Alan Ross Haynes, Music Director - Unity of Lake Norman)

                                                     "Sharing Original Songs During Church/Center Services".

Contact Rev.Michele


Courtesy of www.peacemonger.org. 
(Please visit their site to see a variety of items in these designs and many more.) 


Michele is a breath of fresh air! She always brings original songs and chants, and a personality that radiates love and calmness. Our group's favorite part of Michele's visits are the Drum (Rhythm) Circles. Participating in a drum circle led by Michele takes you to a place where beating, primal rhythm takes you beyond melody or voice to a place of hypnotic peace, joy, and celebration.
(Dwayne Mason, Music Director - Spiritual LIGHT Center of Charlotte NC)

"Thank you for adding your magical music (closing Rhythm Circle) 
to the ending our Wonderworks '13 Conference.  The word is that many left filled with 
new passion and renewed confidence, in their work.  For this, and your willingness

to share your lovely spirit, 
I am most grateful." 
(Jane Walkup, Creative Director RE-CHARGE Reggio Emilia 
Charlotte Area Group Engagement A Study Group of SWaeyc )

"Thank you for leading the drumming circle during our Spring Celebration.

Both parents and children enjoyed it very much!  Thank you for being you, for your openess

and the gift of love and acceptance that you emanate!  
We are grateful to know you!"
(Irina Ly - Exec. Dir., Cedarwood Academy, Charlotte, NC)
"Great drum class today. Lot of fun. Thanks for leading."
(Jason W. Greenville, SC)

"Michele, you truly blessed me and Unity this past Sunday!
 As a music director and singer myself, I was amazed by your
 talent, spirit, warmth and genuine love of music, people and life.
We will be blessed with your GIFT again soon."
(Missy Wampler, Music Director - Unity of Roanoke Valley, VA)
"Loved your drumming workshop, thank you. 
It was particularly special, because I don't usually dance during them!
 (Magda S. Unity Church of Greenville - SC)
"Thank you so much for your music Sunday and the for the most awesome Rhythm Circle.  
I was out in the hall when you started and it was the most wonderful experience to stand

there for a momentand just listen.  Didn’t last long as it pulled me in.  
You have received rave comments of appreciation and I wanted to let you
know how much we appreciate all you give to Unity of Charlotte."
(Rev. Nancy)
"I am so filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to "play" with you Friday night

and just loved having you at service today, thank you so much for your time."
 (Kate C - Charlotte)
"An hour of a Rhythm Circle is like an hour of meditation, except that your hands

are entwined with the beat created in concert with others on various percussion instruments.

The mind is free, the body is relaxed but focused on the rhythm crafted by the group.

Stress and anxiety fall away. It’s drugless, talk-less therapy."
  (Brad B - Winston-Salem)

"Thank you for singing at Unity of Charlotte. I have a good time listening to your songs,
the words of your songs and also the humor in your words.

Hope to hear you sing at Unity in a few weeks."  
Ramesh (Member)  

"Your presence with us last Sunday made our church celebration just perfect. We enjoyed your music
immensely and wish you were closer so we could see you more. Love & blessings!" 
Betty (Rev. Betty Tarpley, Light of Christ Church, Roanoke VA)  

"Your music, your voice and compositions provided such an outstanding and  
lovely dimension to our Sunday Service. And, your CD is personally providing me  
with MUCH enjoyment daily! (I drive a lot and "you" are in my car CD player)   Blessings" 
Rev. Velma Bullington (Divine Science Church, Roanoke VA) 

"Thank you for sharing your talent & your inspirational music -   You are appreciated!"
Unity Church of Greenville, SC  
"The Rhythm Circle Experience with Michele Sevacko, Ph.D. was an excellent experience for my students.
Michele is entertaining and informative, and connected with a wide range of my students
from kindergarteners to fourth graders.They loved being able to touch and play instruments
from various parts of the world, and the wide variety of instruments Michele provided in addition to
our classroom materials was an excellent source for hands-on learning.
I highly recommend Michele for any group, young or old, for both instructional and entertainment value!"
Christine Newsom, Heath Springs Elementary, Music Specialist K-12



"A New Thought Ministry to Inspire, Empower and Entertain...."

                                                          MUSIC MINISTRY

   Using either my keyboard or Conga Drums, I incorporate several different genres of music with a range of rhythms varying from "meditative chants to "get up, dance and clap your hands"

original songs. 
 With a background in "main-stream" Judeo-Christian religions many of my (original) songs are appropriate for a variety of worship styles of service and will be chosen to support your message and the tone that you want to set for your service.

 I am available to provide a musical message (approx 25-30) mins. with a mix of songs and speaking), provide special music or a concert for your congregation.

  One of my passions is facilitating what I call a "Rhythm In The Round" (Rhythm Circles) & Playshops.

The "Circles" are mistake-free zones, no experience is necessary (if you have a pulse you can play!)

and combine releasing stress through meditative rhythms, energizing through energy charged creative expression (including movement) where all instruments (including homemade) are welcome