Spiritual Mentoring

What is Spiritual Mentoring?
A Spiritual Mentor guides & supports you, using spiritually-based tools to identify those things that are keeping you from living your life to the fullest. Much like a "Life Coach", it's a supportive, non-judgmental relationship that will help you discover your goals. However, since this is spiritually-based, we will be taking God/Spirit/Creator (I will meet you, in your practice/understanding) into partnership, as we move through this process together.

 What Happens During the Sessions?
Since your session will be spiritually-based, we will begin with an affirmative prayer (affirmation). Each session is tailored to you and will be based on what you would like to accomplish - which will be determined in the beginning session(s). We will then begin to create your goals and come up with a plan to achieve your goals. During this process,  you may be asked to complete assignments that will help you move forward, in order to gain clarity and/or focus. We will determine if there are any obstacles and if there are determine how to overcome them - always taking a moment to celebrate the successes!!

 Is Spiritual Mentoring a form of therapy?
Spiritual Mentoring is different from therapy because it's not designed to address psychological issues. Very little - if any - time will be spent delving into the past, because this process is all about embracing where you are now, and co-creating your future.
Is Spiritual Mentoring Confidential?
Anything that's discussed in a session (unless it involves harming you or someone else - or an illegal activity) is held in confidence. As a minister, I am legally and morally bound by my Minister's Code of Ethics. And, as a minister, I'm legally granted the privilege of confidentially.
Is There A Charge for Spiritual Mentoring?
Spiritual Mentoring is available on a Love Offering basis - however, you may also think of it as making an investment - because through this process, you are investing in your future. In either case, you're asked to go (prayerfully) within and decide how much of your treasure you're willing to share - with the understanding that by giving, there is an exchange of energy taking place and you are opening to the flow - while supporting this ministry.

How Do I Get Started?
I am available for support via emails, using the Facebook messaging service or through this web site and I'm also available by telephone. To make an appointment, please email NCNTM@aol.com   


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